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🧘‍♀️ Cultivate a steady and sincere practice of contemplation or deepen your practice with advanced contemplations with CM Niagara's offering - The Highest Vocation! Commune with your Infinite Nature under Vivekji's guidance for 30 days!

🧘‍♀️ Live contemplation session every morning

📼 Receive daily audio recording

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 Starting Saturday, Oct 14, 2023

 5:30a - 6:00a ET

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In one week (Mon Sep 18), Meaningful Mornings will resume!

Join us as we continue our study of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita and Shri Vishnu Sahasranama with Vivekji and Shankarji.

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Seva is a bhava (feeling) and to think-practice-live this, we must be trained in this.

Inviting all past, present, and future volunteers to our Annual Seva Training, where we will reflect on and deepen our understanding of how to serve with seekers, for seekers!


During the period of kali, all moves fast! The body is restless, the mind is often negative and the intellect seeks happiness externally. In efforts to evolve from being extroverted (dependently joyous) to being introverted (independently joyous), 25 seekers will meet physically (for the first time in 4 years!) in Chinmaya Gayatri (Cleveland-Ohio) and virtually via zoom from Sep 28 - Oct 1 to be in SILENCE for 72 hours.


Rise with the Rishikas

They were poetesses, philosophers, devotees, singers, teachers, yoginis, while they were daughters, wives and revered as incarnations of the Divine Mother - living in our midst through Vedic, medieval and modern times.

Let us Rise with the Rishikas (women seers) in our monthly Devi Sanga forums and learn from their lives, legends and legacy to know the Rishika in us.

 Every Second Sunday of the month starting Jul, 2023

 9p - 10p ET

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More materials = more comfort = more happiness.

WRONG❗ Buying into this idea only conditions us to spend more of our lives on more stuff for LESS security.

Our scriptures reveal that contentment is actually found in the sacrifice of our comforts. 🔥 To live this vision requires dedication and determination.

Join our CommUnity in the CHALLENGE to be deeper. Nature keeps sacrificing comfort for us… Are you ready to sacrifice yourself by Dedicating to Devi? 🌎


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Over the past 2 years, the Mentorship Program has nurtured trusted relationships and learning between like-minded seekers in the spirit of evolution. In its second year, the program brought together 150 seekers from over 90 cities!  Entering its third year, the program, now called the Mentorship Sanga, is accepting applications for BOTH mentors (29-45) and mentees (15-28) for this year's cohort! As one mentee shared, "It feels like having an older sibling or an objective view to help me with what I'm going through."

⭐️ Applications will be considered on a rolling basis, with priority given to applications submitted by January 23.

✏️ Apply to be a mentor or mentee:

❓ Questions? Email

📢 All past mentors and mentees are required to re-register

New social circles, academic stress, and peer influences.  High school can be a tumultuous time!  It can be helpful to obtain guidance from older seekers who have experienced similar challenges. On the joyous occasion of Dipavali, we will be launching a brand new initiative called Dial for Direction, where JCHYKS will have quick and immediate access to an Experienced Supporter of their choosing within 48 hours! 


🗓  Dipavali (registration opens Oct 24th onwards)

📢  Open to JCHYKs (Grades 9-12)

🙋 Are you ready to take your ecocentric lifestyle to the next level?

🗓 Today is the ideal day to act!

🙏 On this joyous occasion of Guru Purnima, CM Niagara is excited to offer the Prthvi Seva Guide - a guide on tactile ways to increase awareness and environmentally caring practices in your organizations and communities.

📃 Request your free copy today: 

A Mother's Love keeps on giving and giving... 

The ungrateful's life keeps on taking and taking... 

Our CommUnity IS Grateful and has expressed this feeling through Generosity, by raising over 100,000 dollars in under 100 days for our Universal Mother! 💚

At some point in our lives, we might wonder... Is there more to living and life?

Some of us may also inquire... Who am I? 

Through our sincere pursuit of such Truths, the Sadguru-shishya-parampara comes into our lives and compassionately reveals the answers to our deepest questions. In Vedantic tradition, such Guidance is given freely and such an experience is priceless. 

Still, out of gratitude and fulfillment, the student seeks to give back. 🧡 Guru Dakshina is an opportunity for us to offer our gratitude for the dedication-sacrifice-expression of our Guides.  

Please donate generously to support the causes of our Guru-shishya-parampara.

There is immense suffering in Ukraine. We can help in some small measure by supporting the efforts to provide hot meals, bread, and fruits to refugees in Hungary.

Let us come together to help those in need however we can. 🕊️

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How to help our children discover their best? How to manage kids, work, and life? How to endure the challenges of being a parent? How to stay sane even when it feels like there is non-stop chaos?  

Join Parenting Culture aimed at responding to these challenges with a fresh perspective. Together, we will gather to find inspiration🌅,  share reflections🗣, and discuss questions🙋🏽

Together, we will gather as part of a unique community to help navigate the challenges of life as a parent 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👶🏽🤰🏽🍼


 ️ A CommUnity of Parents for Children

🗓 Starting April 18, 2022

Mondays 9-10p ET

📢 Open to all parents and grandparents

Welcome to Prthvi Sevasanga, a new flagship service initiative for our CommUnity. An expression of our gratitude for all we have been given, Prthvi Sevasanga is the means through which we can serve individually and collectively to improve the health of our Mother Earth. 🌏

Keep an eye on this space for our weekly engagements. And sign up for our monthly workshop with Vivekji!

✏️ Sign-up for the Monthly Workshop:

🌱 Explore the CommUnity Page:

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The first year of our Chinmaya Mentorship Program brought together 125 seekers from 75 cities in meaningful and inspired connections. ❤️

Entering its second year, the program is now accepting applications for BOTH mentors (29-45) and mentees (16-28) for this year's cohort! As one mentee shared, "It's like having an older sibling to help me through what I'm going through."

⭐️ Applications will be considered on a rolling basis, with priority given to applications submitted by January 23.

✏️ Apply to be a mentor or mentee:

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 Mission Statement

 To provide to individuals from any background, the wisdom of Vedanta and the practical means for spiritual growth and happiness, enabling them to become positive contributors to society.